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Freon's Impact on Your AC System

Freon's Impact on Your AC System

July 23, 2019

If you're familiar with how an air conditioning system works, chances are you know the importance of Freon. Freon is the coolant or refrigerant that allows your system to correctly cool your home. It's also a common area of troubleshooting for AC units when they malfunction.

What Freon does in your AC unit

Freon serves three key purposes for your air conditioning system:

  • Eliminates the AC unit's internal heat
  • Discharges cool air from the system
  • Ensures the unit is efficiently running


Four ways to know if your Freon is leaking

Without the right amount of refrigerant, your AC system will not work correctly. Here are four clues that your AC system has a Freon leak:

  • A higher monthly energy bill than normal because the AC unit is working extra hard to cool your home.
  • Hearing a bubbling or hissing sound that comes from the Freon leaking as it escapes from the refrigerant line.
  • Your AC unit that is outside will have an ice build-up around it. This happens when the evaporator coil gets too cold and causes the Freon to flow back and the moisture causes it to freeze.
  • Warm air is blowing from your vents.

If you have the signs of a Freon leak, contact the professionals at HomeServe of Brooklyn & Queens. We can inspect your system, identify and repair the source of the leak, and refill for your refrigerant.

What is R-22 Freon?

R-22 Freon is a common type of air conditioning coolant. However, research from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has shown that R-22 is harmful to the earth's ozone layer, leading to a nationwide R-22 refrigerant phase-out that began a few years ago. The manufacturing of units that use R-22 has been stopped and the EPA mandated that the production of the refrigerant itself is over by the year 2020. Due to this limited production, R-22 costs more than other refrigerants and will likely continue to see costs rise.

You can check if your AC system runs on R-22 by looking at the manufacturer label on the outside of the unit, checking the owner's manual, or looking on the manufacturer website. If your system runs on R-22, now could be a good time to start planning for an AC replacement. A modern air conditioning system will not only protect you from the rising costs of R-22, but will also help improve your energy efficiency and reduce your cooling costs.

HomeServe of Brooklyn & Queens can help with your Freon issues

If you have a Freon leak or are concerned about a system that runs on R-22 Freon, the air conditioning experts at HomeServe of Brooklyn & Queens can help. Our experts can help recommend the best solutions for your home's needs and your budget. Call us today at 877-808-1965 or contact us online to learn more about our air conditioning services and how we can help you.



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