Furnace Maintenance Check List

Furnace Maintenance Check List

September 10, 2019

Is Furnace Maintenance Important? 

The last thing anyone wants is for their furnace to break down in the middle of winter. We all depend on our home’s heating system to keep us warm and comfortable all season long. Whether your furnace was installed last week or 20 years ago, industry professionals all agree that a maintenance program is the key to enjoying many years of reliable service from your heating equipment. Preventive maintenance has proven to greatly extend the life span of a furnace as well. 

Check List

There are a number of furnace maintenance plans offered today in the marketplace. Whichever one you choose to purchase, be sure that it includes the following important services. 

Heat Exchanger/Furnace Burner Inspection 

The heat exchanger and furnace burners play a very important role in the operation of a home’s heating system. The heat exchanger is the part of the furnace that produces warm air, which is then sent throughout the home via the fan/blower system. It is essential that this unit is working properly to ensure the safety of everyone living in the home. If either the heat exchanger or the furnace burners are malfunctioning, there is a risk that poisonous carbon monoxide could be released into the home’s living space. During the furnace maintenance checkup, your technician will check both of these components to make sure that they are working properly.

Furnace Fan Limit Switch & Furnace Thermostat

The blower or fan located within the furnace is very important, as it is responsible for circulating warm air around the home. The furnace fan limit switch works together with the thermostat to keep the house at the homeowner’s desired temperature. If the switch fails, the fan will either not go on at all or will run indefinitely. Your maintenance technician will inspect the furnace fan limit switch to ensure that it is functioning as it should. 

Furnace Gas Line 

While the gas line that runs into your furnace supplies needed fuel to heat the home, it can also be a source of danger should it malfunction. Furnace maintenance technicians receive special training to look for and detect any issues or leaks with a home’s gas line. Should a problem be discovered, it can be repaired right away.   

Furnace Flue Pipe Inspection

The furnace flue pipe is responsible for taking all of the toxic exhaust gases from the combustion chamber and safely releasing them into the atmosphere. During the routine maintenance service, the technician will inspect the flue pipe to make sure that it is free of clogs or any blockages that would prevent gases from leaving the home. 

Clean/Replace Filters

All furnaces need air flow in order to operate properly. A clogged air filter can not only restrict heat from the home, but it will also make the furnace work harder that it should, which will lead to premature wear. The technician will check all filters and replace them if necessary. 
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