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Make Your Home More Efficient With A Smart Thermostat

Make Your Home More Efficient With A Smart Thermostat

August 16, 2019

During the past 50+ years, millions of homes have utilized the round thermostat on the wall to control an HVAC system with a simple turn of the dial. These early thermostats operated with a coil spring and a small vile of mercury that created an electrical connection to power up a home’s heating or A/C equipment. While these classic units remain reliable today, there are new products on the market that utilize digital technology to manage a home’s HVAC system much more efficiently.

Introducing The Smart Thermostat!

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a device that operates exclusively on digital technology and no longer uses the old spring coil/ mercury system found on previous units. Digital sensors do a much better job helping your HVAC system run as efficiently as possible.  Today’s smart thermostats can actually learn from your daily life habits and make adjustments to your home’s climate accordingly. One of the most popular features about these devices is that smart thermostats can be controlled from an app on your phone, even if you are thousands of miles away from home.   

The Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat

 There are many advantages of converting to a smart thermostat, including:

  • Save Time – There will no longer be a need to check the temperature on your thermostat to see if it is reading correctly or be worried about energy consumption. Smart thermostats can monitor home temperatures very accurately, as well as provide useful information on energy use.
  • Get Important Alerts – Smart thermostats are able to send alerts to your phone or email if the HVAC system has failed. If your indoor temperature drops below a certain point or goes above the normal range, the thermostat will alert you of the situation.
  • Enjoy Total HVAC Control Via The Internet - With a smart thermostat, homeowners can control and adjust their HVAC systems from anywhere via an app on their phone. Every company that sells smart thermostats has a downloadable app that will allow you to turn on the A/C as you drive home from work or even kick up the heat from your easy chair while watching Sunday football. Having remote access to your home’s thermostat can be incredibly helpful.

Can A Smart Thermostat Save Money?

The answer is a resounding yes! Because smart thermostats allow homeowners to control the climate in their houses from virtually anywhere, there is no longer any need to maintain a certain temperature in the house all throughout the day. Being able to set the thermostat remotely can save homeowners a lot of money in ongoing energy costs. In addition, by learning about your lifestyle habits, the smart thermostat can make suggestions to you about how to most efficiently operate your heating and air systems.   

What Is The Best Temperature To Set Your Thermostat In the Summer?

 78 degrees is the optimal temperature during the summer, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Of course, every homeowner is free to decide how cool they want their house to be during the steamy months of summer, but staying in the 78 degree range will realize notable savings on electricity bills. Another benefit of the smart thermostat is instead of keeping the house at 78 degrees when nobody is home, you can make it warmer during the day and then turn the temperature down remotely before anybody gets home in the evening.

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